The Orgon Products

Orgon produtsThe basis of the Orgon systems are generated with the energy of Orgon active crystals. The crystals are supplemented with information about the natural static information of the body stimulating its healthy operation. The devices functions have been achieved by establishing that the crystals are constantly active and directionally convey the correct information to living organisms. Anyone can use for any life situation to promote better overall well-being.



Fields of application:

The Orgon system can be used alone or with other traditional and alternative solutions (eg. Scio / Eductor systems). The Orgon systems can be perfectly modulated by the SCIO and EDUCTOR equipment. The Orgon systems are operating as an amplifier, they are making more efficient and targeted the Scio / Eductor trainings and enhancing the body's ability to self-generate.

Orgon radiating element (Orgon canon)

Orgon CanonThe basic machine is so effective, operating on crystal-based power generator that is capable to strengthen and activate the human energy field. Every organ has benchmark, accurate vibration. To ensure the healing vibrations of the body these basic vibrations needs to be placed the correct information. This way it can be programmed to solve the given problem.



Orgon massage kit

Orgon MassageThe Orgon massage kit effectively stimulates different parts of the body, joints, muscles, and beauty trainings as well. It can also be used in conjunction with water and oil-based creams. During the use, it is activating the cells and tissues to regenerate and it promotes the blood flow.

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