Our accessories are tested, verified and are compatible with the manufacturer’s products and can only be bought from our official distributor partners. For the safety of use please never buy a remanufactured product that wasn’t verified by the original manufacturer, as it does not guarantee compatibility with our products. The warranty stands only if you use verified accessories - products from our official partners, (The warranty is 1 or 2 years in case of our devices, and 6 months for the electrodes.)

Accessories of our devices

Orgon System

orgon smallThe basis of the Orgon systems are generated with the energy of Orgon active crystals. The crystals are supplemented with information about the natural static information of the body stimulating its healthy operation. The devices functions have been achieved by establishing that the crystals are constantly active and directionally convey the correct information to living organisms. Anyone can use for any life situation to promote better overall well-being.

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Pet Pad

PetPadPetPad is a harness designed for small animals. It does not disturb the animal, and can comfortably lay on it. There are currently two sizes, with the added benefit of washable material.

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Horse Harness

horseharness smallWith the help of the special harness, our pets and livestock can benefit from our therapy. The horse harness and blanket are specially designed for train horses and related animals.

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