It is a common problem that we only go to see a doctor when we are in big trouble. We devote only little time and energy to the maintenance of our physical and mental health– but our health suffers from it. In addition to the traditional medicine, thanks to the complementary medicine luckily there are devices, which can prevent the development of a disease or help the healing process by mapping the body’s own electric, magnetic and electromagnetic characteristics.

How does the EAD work?

EAD PackageIn the course of its operation, the EAD (Electro Acupressure Device) uses the acupunctural points of the traditional Chinese medicine. According to the Eastern medicine the surface skin, the muscles, the connective tissues, the deeper areas, and the viscera of our body are in reflex relations with each other. Therefore, if these points are stimulated, it will have biological effect on areas farther from the stimulated point.

With the use of the device, specific electric stimulations are applied to our body’s surface, to certain points. It is important to know that the body’s different bioenergetic parameters, such as temperature, skin resistance, magnetic field, current, resistance, can be measured, and they are all unique and have special characteristics.

The energy flowing in the meridians

To understanding the operation of the EAD we have to go back in time. According to the traditional Chinese medicine the meridians play a central role in the humans’ energetic system. The meridians mediate every energy and information to the organs and the other meridians, and the inner energy of the person (chi) is circulating in them. The meridians can be imagined as imaginary lines creating a network in our whole body. The energy travels on these paths in our body. The meridians are most similar to the magnetic force lines.

There are primary (main) and secondary meridians. The 12 pairs of main meridians respond to every inner and outer energetic impact. Unlike them, the secondary meridians don’t have points close to the skin.

On the main meridian sections, we can find those skin points, through the stimulation by needles and pressing of which the energy flow can be influenced.

EAD Energia i147256503Energy regulation using 21st century technology

The EAD, so to say, is a more modern, more improved version of the meridian based Chinese medicine.

The complaints always appear in the energetic junctions or reflex points of the body. Thus, even if our mind doesn’t detect the disease, the sensitivity of the energy points already predicts the problem. This is what the EAD is able to detect, which means that it searches the points where the energetic net is damaged or sensitive – all this by emitting simple electric and magnetic waves.

Why should I choose it?

The development of diseases starts before we experience the specific complaints. Symptoms are just the top of the iceberg. With the help of the EAD device, we will be able to monitor our status and detect disorders in an early stage of their development.

In what cases does it help?

HelpWhitin i545267134Similar to acupuncture training, we can achieve good results in reducing the harmful effects of stress, insomnia, fatigue and malaise by the use of the EAD device. In addition, feel free to use the device for pain relief, in case of muscle and joint pains, to treat allergy, lose weight, or when experiencing intestinal problems. Using the device is simple even for those, who aren’t familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, since the EAD also functions as an acupuncture point detector.

Furthermore, the EAD device can be used to the train of other problems, like:

  • various neurological issues
  • digestive disorders
  • musculoskeletal problems
  • urogenital disorders
  • cardiovascular problems
  • respiratory problems
  • obstetrical, gynecological problems
  • pediatrics
  • ophthalmologic disorders
  • skin problems
  • ear, nose and throat problems
  • immunological problems


  • patients with pacemaker (because of electrical instability)
  • pregnancy
  • in case of mentally disabled patients, young children (unable to communicate sensitive experiments)
  • electrical instability, arrhythmia
  • patients requiring urgent medical care


During the training, the therapist determines the most appropriate training options necessary to achieve the therapy effect, and the device automatically executes these settings with the values set. Therefore, the EAD executes the pre-set programs and thus the duration of the training may be very varied. During the training you will not feel pain, maybe just a mild pulsing sensation.

EAD Package

  • box
  • 2 electrodes: a hammerhead balanceing electrode and a body electrode
  • 4pcs of AA sized NiMH batteries and a battery charger kit

Important: The device should be kept away and operated in a certain distance of magnetic appliances. In the device's directions for use it is very important to give correct information e.g. the list of correct clinical patterns known from the traditional Chinese medicine, the description of the balanceing possibilities.

EAD packageElectro Acupressure Device Package

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