How to install the Mandelay Software?

After proper registration on website, you will be able to download our manuals and the software from the "Downloads" tab.
For further help with download and installation, please read our FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions" that are available under the "Support" tab after you login with your username and password.
Please take into consideration that Clasp 64 software is not compatible with other software versions like Eductor64 or Clasp32. The patient database cannot be imported

You must completely remove and delete your old version of the software in order to be able to use CLASP64 Mandelay Kft. software. For the removing process, you can use the Wise Uninstaller which can be downloaded from the following link: after the installation you need to uninstall all of the Qx components. See the list below:

  • all of the Eductor64 SQLite (Publisher: QX World Ltd or QX Ltd)
  • QXSUBSPACE APP (Publisher: QX World Ltd)
  • Quantum Prayer (optional)
  • Anti Smoking (optional)
  • Sapphire (optional)
  • CyberMagnetic (if you have it)
  • Body viewer (in older version you see it separately)
  • Clasp32 (older software version)
  • BIG (optional)
  • QRBII videos (optional)
  • Eductor Language pack (optional)
  • Eductor Evolvo (optional)

 If you need to uninstall the Clasp64 before the new installation, see the list below what you need to uninstall:

  • BDE versao
  • Clasp64
  • CyberMagnetic (optional)
  • FirmwareUpdater version (optional)

After the software is removed it is advised to restart the computer.

Very important!
Before you download and install the new update, make sure you have saved the patients’ database.
To do the client export/import please watch the Video Tutorial below:

For proper registration of your device and how to download our CLASP64 software, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Register your device on our website at the "Sign up" menu ( the invoice is not required)
  • Download the “Mandelay downloader” application, which will help you to download and install the software, you can download after you sign in to
  • For Eductor devices, you need to update the firmware, you can download the firmware updater with the “Mandelay downloader” application
    Activate the Clasp64 software after the installation
  • Software can be activated on three different computers for free, with one device

Under the following link, you can watch video tutorials with instructions: YouTube How to do it video tutorial