Accessing health through our inner energy

Scio session sitStress. Overwork. Unhealthy lifestyle - who wouldn't recognize these concepts? An increasing proportion of our society is suffering from some chronic illness. Our symptoms, the signs of our body are prone to being taken lightly, and only contact a doctor if there is a big problem. We expect improvement from analgesics, synthetic medicines, as advertisements suggest this to us. We all know that traditional beauty care and medicine work mainly with synthetic methods, but pills only train the symptoms. Complementary medicine is determined to make traditional methods more efficient; It is trying to catch the initial phase of harmful processes before the problem develops. The SCIO system was designed to address the innermost causes of our body's inadequate functioning. This fine technique trains the problem in the body's cells by solving the blocks that inhibit the body's natural energy flows. SCIO is also at the forefront of prevention. Helping to reduce, for example the risk of injury.

The SCIO system exerts its beneficial effect on the level of physics instead of chemistry. Our brain, our heart, our cells function with physical energy, that is, electricity. If your body gets disturbed, the body's electrical activity is different from the optimum. The SCIO system explores the electrical patterns of the tissues and where it differs from normal. It restores healthy functioning with electrical impulses. These disfunctions can be caused by stress, abnormal lifestyle, overload or disease.

The success of the SCIO system today is shown with more than 10,000 satisfied users worldwide. Many famous athletes use or used the SCIO system. Among the large crowed of users you can find a world-famous cyclist, motor racer, tennis player, and a whole football team .

The EDUCTOR system has grown from the SCIO system. As in all areas, technological advances are important for these types of devices. The operating principle of EDUCTOR is therefore the same as the SCIO's. It provides analysis and harmonization with computer software, which collects and then corrects the bioenergetic information of the client. Stress can disturb the basic electromagnetic frequencies of human body. The device, on the other hand, helps to recover these frequencies according to their natural state.

The main difference between SCIO and EDUCTOR is nearly ten years of technological progress. SCIO was developed in 2002, followed by EDUCTOR in 2012. As with other medical devices, the last series is always better than the previous one. There is no word about obsolescence, a good quality product can be used for many years, but new and new releases are constantly coming out. EDUCTOR is the result of many years of development.Unlike the SCIO, it has two extra wave generators, dedicated EEG and ECG chips, LCD display, USB3 communication, and new medical connectors, so you can use it more efficiently.